Take Advantage of Loyalty Points!

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November 5th, 2010

Chit Chat Bingo is always looking for news way to reward our most loyal players. However, as is the case with many online bingo operators, many players overlook the opportunity to win loyalty points that bear even greater prizes.

We’ve got a pretty generous Loyalty Points scheme, in which players can earn points simply by taking part in our games.

Every time you purchase £1 worth of bingo tickets or wager £1 on Blackjack or slots, you will receive loyalty points: 10 for bingo, 1 for blackjack and 2 for slots.

For every 1000 loyalty points you earn, you can redeem is for Bingo Cash, which can be used to buy bingo tickets or to wager on our slots games. So, get out there and start earning – they add up quickly!

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ChitChat Bingo goes to The X Factor!

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June 21st, 2010

Last week some of ChitChat Bingo‘s players went to see The X Factor live auditions in Birmingham. As you’ll read and see from their pics they had an absolutely fantastic time!

The X Factor chairs!

mazz78 and friend went along and said:

we had a lovely day it was absolutely fantastic tyvm for the opportunity to go to the auditions xxxx

mazz78 it is our absolute pleasure!

4 X Factor Judges!

lollies wanted to say:

i would like to thank you and st minver and of course ialwayssmile for allowing me to go and watch The X Factor auditions i had a great time and enjoyed it

lollies we are so pleased you had a fab time and how exciting to see the Judges!

Cheryl Cole!

lassieshaddo also had a couple of tickets and…

had a fabulous time and it was really really good. We ended up being about 5 rows back just behind the Judges so pretty good view. My friend Rosie said to say a big big thank you also as she had a fabulous day out.

lassieshaddo we only wish we were there too!


mattswain has a little tip to offer you aswell!

Although it was a raining, we both had a wonderful time and Laura said it really made her birthday weekend so thanks again for the tickets.

The seats were excellent (five rows back from directly behind the judges!) and the poor people up in the gods were booing all of us vips in the front – we didn’t mind as we were relatively dry compared to them! The other 3000 members of the audience had to queue outside for about 4 hours to get in.

The acts ranged from outstanding to awful – watch out for Cher & Remington at bootcamp is all I can say, and don’t miss the ‘High Street Boys’ from Rugby – an absolute classic!

mattswain we’re so glad you had a great time and we’ll definitely watch out for Cher & Remington!

If you want to be in with the action and be in the audience of The X Factor live auditions then make sure you check out ChitChat Bingo’s ‘Win tickets to see The X Factor Auditions in Manchester promotion!

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X Factor has the wow factor for mumof3boyz!!

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February 24th, 2010

Club Gold winner mumof3boyz received the first of our very special X Factor tour tickets and enjoyed a great VIP night out at the Birmingham show.  An invitation to meet the stars of the show was the start of a fantastic evening of entertainment and fun…..

We arrived at the LG arena with our VIP meet and greet letter and were rushed through to a big warehouse where we all stood in a circle.  The stars came in, JEdward literally back flipped and cart wheeled in, followed closely by Lloyd Daniels, Joe McElderry, Lucie, Jamie, Danyl, Stacey and Ollie. The stars all walked around and spent a few minutes with each of us.  What completely awesome people, nothing was too much trouble!!  Joe was shaking when he met everyone, and Stacey is lovely! Really down to earth!

The highlight of my night however was when Danyl (who was always my favourite) gave me a big kiss and hug! I was floating on air for the rest of the night!!  

The show itself was awesome, a great mixture of songs and theatrics all night.  The best performers had to be Ollie and Danyl (hubby would disagree, he preferred Lucie!!) but all of the stars were absolutelygreat! 

I have some fab pictures to treasure and fantastic memories.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Josie and Chit Chat Bingo!

I am still on a high!  
Love and hugs x

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VIP nights out in the City!

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December 7th, 2009

What a fabulous time we all had on Chit Chat Bingo VIP nights out in November. 

'Here Comes the Girls' Sheffield

'Here Comes the Girls' Sheffield

Sheffield was the first venue, with a trip for Club Gold and Diamond members from the North West of England, to enjoy an evening with Lulu, Shaka Khan and Anastasia at the ‘Here Comes the Girls’ concert.  VIP Manager, Josie entertained her guests, including mrsb, tipps90, clairelouxxx, linghigh and mumof3boyz, with a fun filled night in the City.  Friendships born in Chat were sealed over a few drinks and further get together’s are already planned for the New Year.

Sheffield VIP night out!

Sheffield VIP night out!

‘So nice meeting all the girls, putting faces to names.  We really had a mad time, I’m still recovering’. (mrsb)

After show drinks!!

After show drinks!!

Next on to the South of England, as the Chit Chat VIP road show gained momentum for a second night out on the tiles, to see ‘The Calendar Girls’ show in London.  What great people you VIP’s really are; along with beaniebabe, lesleym54, joward and crazyfool2109, we had a lovely evening of dining out and performance. 

How nice it was meet up at last, creating bonds and friendships, during a special weekend away, courtesy of your favourite on line bingo site, Chit Chat Bingo!

Josie and the London VIP's

Josie and the London VIP's

‘A very enjoyable Saturday night out in the city, definitely met some bingo friends for life’. crazyfool2109

‘A great night out, was nice to put faces to the bingo nics. Thank you to Josie and the team for a great time xx’. beaniebabe

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Coffee and Cakes in Gibraltar for tuckero9


November 3rd, 2009

Chit Chat VIP tuckero9 & Josie VIP Manager

Chit Chat VIP tuckero9 & Josie VIP Manager

What a great time I had with Chit Chat Bingo VIP tuckero9 when she came to Gibraltar last week.  We met up in Casemates Square for coffee and cakes…mmmm…lovely cakes as you can see!!  If you come on hols to Costa del Sol and come over to Gibraltar for the day or plans a stay here let me know and I would love to meet you x

Coffee & Cakes in Casemates, Gibraltar

Coffee & Cakes in Casemates, Gibraltar

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andara1 has the X Factor!!

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October 20th, 2009

X Factor VIP night out in London

X Factor VIP night out in London

I just wanted to tell you all about my trip to London to see the X Factor live show courtesy of Josie and Chit Chat Bingo. The whole experience was excellent from the journey down to the actual show. I have never been treated as a VIP before, so it was lovely to be pampered; we even went in a different entrance from the ordinary public. We were taken to a vip room and given free drinks and snacks before being taken to the live show through the same entrance as the contestants. We had great seats behind the judges and when the show was finished we were taken back to the vip area for more drinks and snacks. Josie thought of everything she booked us later tickets for the journey home so we could see a bit of London. The whole thing was amazing and I just want to say a big thank you Chit Chat!

andara1 has the X Factor!!

andara1 has the X Factor!!

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August 19th, 2009

'Was that ChitChat or CheeterChat you said'?!

'Did you say Chit Chat or Chimp Chat'?!

Hola to all my Club Gold and Club Diamond members, it’s Josie your VIP Manager here.

I’ve just come back from my hols in Spain and wondered what you’ve all been up to?  Have you been anywhere nice? These winners of our £1000 holiday cash giveaway bagged themselves a brilliant prize during August; happy holidays to doody, lonewolf2 and Alan1951!!

Remember to get a great piccie taken on holiday of you on your laptop playing on your favorite ‘Chit Chat Bingo’ games.  We’d love to add it to the site and will be giving away £150 for the best photos in by 31st August.  Have a look at my holiday snap taken at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, you’ll have to go a long way to beat this one!!

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Top of the Slots – Exclusive 3-week VIP slots tournament


June 17th, 2009

Chit Chat Bingo has an exclusive VIP programme with fantastic rewards and benefits including a dedicated VIP coordinator and freephone number, gifts, cash incentives, hot prizes and much more.

Entry to the VIP programme is by invitation only but if you are interested in the VIP benefits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly VIP coordinators by emailing clubdiamond@bingoresponse.co.uk or calling 0808 238 6067.

Top of the Slots

Our latest exclusive VIP promotion, Top of the Slots, has now ended with many big winners over the last three weeks.

Week 3 Results:

The third and final week of the slots tournament was conquered by annie1951x who scored the highest Cleopatra payout an astonishing five times during the last 7 days for the highest ever total of 1050 points and a cool £500. beaniebabe scored points every day during the tournament and eventually finished second with 770 points and a nice £250. mustyier1 amassed 540 points to finish in third place with £100.

Hearty congratulations to all of you and remember to get in touch with our VIP team who would love to hear some feedback on the tournament.

1. annie1951x – 1050 points = £500
2. beaniebabe – 770 points = £250
3. mustyier1 – 540 points = £100

4. jessicaann – 330 points
5. PINDORIA – 230 points
6. shazm5 – 160 points
7. fraser2 – 120 points
8. bagpussfan and amilucky159 – 110 points

Last updated on Thursday 9th July.

Week 2 Results:

The second week of the slots tournament was dominated by beaniebabe who scored the highest Cluedo payout not once but twice during the last 7 days for a total of 870 points and a cool £500. doodey finished second with 370 and £250 and claret1111 third with 250 points and £100.

Well done all and good luck for this week!

1. beaniebabe – 870 points = £500
2. doodey – 370 points = £250
3. claret1111 – 250 points = £100

4. mazenglish – 220 points
5. candycup and annie1951x – 210 points
7. janwinter – 190 points
8. hammerette and shazm5 – 180 points
10. gil7634 – 170 points
11. pc1149 – 150 points
12. loopychick37 – 140 points
13. ajommo and sarahbob – 120 points
15. ncrawford64 and mattswain – 110 points

Last updated on Thursday 2nd July.

Week 1 Results:

Would you believe it! beaniebabe and Slanara both amassed an impressive 750 points making it a dead tie for the first place. Third place goes to lyngalore with a well earned 450 points.

Joint first place means that the 1st and 2nd prize are added together making it £375 each (£500 + £250 = £750 / 2). lyngalore takes home £100. Well done all and best of luck this week!

1. beaniebabe and Slanara – 750 points = 2 x £375
3. lyngalore – 450 points = £100

4. annie1951x – 210 points
5. pc1149 and annieruth – 160 points
7. kieran98, mattswain, liasimons and maggie140553 – 110 points

Last updated on Thursday 25th June.

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