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March 2nd, 2010

How much do you love your Mum? Why is she so special?

Post a note in the ‘leave a response’ area of this blog and tell me about your Mum, I’d love to hear about her and your memories as you’ve grown up.


My Mum really had her work cut out with me as you can imagine! Keeping me out of trouble was her biggest challenge!!

Here I give you my Mother’s Day rhyme:
I want to thank her, well it is about time
She loves me more than the earth
I hope she knows what she’s really worth

She sings a song then ‘dee dee dees’
Forgotten the words Mum? It doesn’t bother me
It’s Terry Wogan who’s to blame
Since Radio 2 went, it’s just not the same

Wedding Day nerves, Mum you’re worse than me
I’m letting that skirt down, I can’t have it above my knee!
Stand in a pliet the photographer said
Not my mum, oh no, that’s going way above her head

I finally tell her all the truths, about those naughty teenage years
She just say’s ‘oh our Josie you are a one’
But I think we both know now, those days are long gone!

Look out for our Chit Chat Bingo Mother’s Day promotion, between the 3rd and 9th of March, we’ve got some fabulous treats lined up for some very special Mums!!

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